According to local media reports, EMC's (EMC) CEO Joseph Tucci will visit China later this month to unveil the company's new R&D Center in China.

Ye Chenghui, president of the EMC Greater China Region, disclosed back in March that EMC would set up a R&D center in Beijing this year, but he refused to give more details about the center at that time. In a new product release meeting held in late August, Ye offered more details about the center and said that it would open in Beijing's Zhongguancun at the end of October 2007. Ye said that the center already had 20 staff.

In 2006, EMC set up a R&D center in Shanghai. EMC's Shanghai center reportedly has 400 staff but the company aims to increase the number to 800.

EMC was the target of nationalistic fervor in China last year when Loke Soon Choo, president of EMC China, was embroiled in an email argument with his secretary that spread among Chinese netizens. Loke reportedly resigned over the fiasco.


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