After about six months of trial operation, HP's (HPQ) first flagship netcafe Hang Tian Wang Yuan has been formally brought to fruition, along with the company's long-brewing netcafe strategy.

As the first flagship netcafe of HP, Hang Tian Wang Yuan is positioning itself as a high-end professional game competition netcafe. It features 350 HP professional netcafe DC5750 computers, which, according to Hu Kai, general manager of Hang Tian Wang Yuan, provides optimized gaming solutions.

Lu Siyu, a manager from China HP's Commercial Use Desktop Computer Business Department, says that HP began to pay attention to the netcafe market from the second half of 2006 and it has launched an overall netcafe solution and set up a netcafe sales channel this year. Lu says that HP will continue to recruit netcafe talents across the country in 2008 to further implement its netcafe strategy.


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