News from China International Communications Exhibition 2007 is that China Mobile has begun to test the mobile phone television service in Beijing and Shanghai and the mobile phone television signals for Beijing have basically covered all areas within the city's fourth ring road.

According to Dr. Li Yong, a project manager from China Mobile, China Mobile's mobile phone television service can be used to receive five television stations including BTV1, BTV Financial Channel, CCTV 5 and CCTV News Channel and the company plans to introduce more television stations in the coming months.

Li says that the company's mobile phone television service is based on the MBBMS technology and users can watch television programs so long as they use a mobile phone with an embedded MBBMS module. At present, the service is run on a trial basis. It is estimated that the fee for the service will be CNY5-10 per month. China Mobile plans to formally launch the service before next year's Beijing Olympic Games.


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