Beijing's Haidian District Consumers' Association has exposed 29 online shopping websites that have allegedly cheated consumers by not delivering the goods the sell.

The 29 websites are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Zhongqi Group (website not available), and Most of them are said to be electronics sellers.

Haidian District Consumers' Association says they have received over a hundred complaints on online shopping fraud in recent years. The Association says these websites usually offer a discount of 40%-60% for goods to lure consumers, but refuse to deliver goods to the consumers after receiving the money. As these cheaters use fake websites, consumers can't find them when they realize they have been cheated.

HDCA says these 29 websites are those that have received the most complaints.


  1. Hi! I taught in Putian for a few years, so I am familiar with some of the honest trade people there. There is a man named Miller Peng who can supply you with shoes, clothes,handbags etc. I am not certain what you are looking for. His written english is OK. His spoken english is good. His email address is [email protected]

    Good luck!

  2. hi,
    I bought mobile for 510 $ + 50 $ for the western union on the web sit [email protected] the mobile was never arrived and the web site is close.I've learn that this site was called dgecc and that he change of name more than 6 time (that what I know).I want that this person be arest and that receve my money . what can I do for that?
    Tank you for your answer

  3. As explained in the study, many websites that aren’t merchant owned are popping up on the Web and offering information to consumers regarding certain products and services. Unfortunately, since these sites are owned by third parties in regards to the consumer-merchant relationship, they put forth a whole new legal debate as to the amount of protection that is to be given to consumers who bought goods under the counsel of these “third party sites”.
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  4. The below company takes your money but never sends the product you order. It's a pure 100% fraud.

    Ibv Electronics Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd ICP???B2?05011298?

    Company:Ibv Electronics Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
    Address:2A-19-08 JingDu International, NO. 26, JiuXianQiao Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing China
    Postal code:100016
    Mail:[email protected] MSN:[email protected]
    The web site is

    If anyone knows how to stop them, because they are still in business let me know.

  5. Hi

    I was unaware of this fraud earlier and I transfered money to buy a mobile phone. After I made the transfer they wanted some proof that i had done it so i sent them a receipt of it. After that they stopped responding to my mails and the online sales representative would never reply to my messages.

    My mobile phone never arrived.

    Is there no any anti-fraud organization in China to put an end to this?

  6. I have been tracking over "whois Domain " the person name who the one registered for this website.
    Below is the record :

    Whois Record

    Domain name:

    Registrant Contact:
    Liu hongzhang
    hongzhang Liu
    +86.1081619256 fax: +86.1081619256
    bejing province
    bejing Beijing 100016

    Administrative Contact:
    hongzhang Liu
    +86.1081619256 fax: +86.1081619256
    bejing province
    bejing Beijing 100016

    Technical Contact:
    hongzhang Liu
    +86.1081619256 fax: +86.1081619256
    bejing province
    bejing Beijing 100016

    Billing Contact:
    hongzhang Liu
    +86.1081619256 fax: +86.1081619256
    bejing province
    bejing Beijing 100016


    Created: 2008-10-13
    Expires: 2009-10-13

    Hope this information can help to stop website fraud.

  7. there are many chinese internet fraud company. they rob people. they show u a very good pics and they ship a very poor box of plastic they have no test certification they never want to refund.

    its gigatron world in shenzhen. their boss is jamal udheen. i have the evidence if you want. its a shame to do busness like that they sell radiation eliminator reduced nothing and its a fake product. stay away from arabianlinkg in alibaba!!

    i alert them but the company does nothing!!!

  8. I bought an iphone from by wire transfer of 260euroes +40$t.fee but they did not send it to me. can everybody guide me?


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