China Mobile (CHL) has begun to consult with TD mobile phone manufacturers and plans to initiate a bidding for TD-SCDMA mobile phones in November. says that China Mobile will spend a total of about CNY3 billion to CNY4 billion purchasing about 2 million to 3 million TD mobile phones, which will cover all the three class categories (high-end, middle-end and low-end) and the majority of the orders are expected to be fulfilled by the end of next year.

China Mobile is said to have put forward five requirements for the TD mobile phone manufacturers who are asked to have their products made similar to GSM terminals in both power consumption and stability, develop terminals for the enhanced 3G technology HSDPA, have their mobile phones have visible telephone feature and be able to carry out mobile phone television services, and possess the dual mode pattern of TD/GSM.


  1. hi;i have a cect HLF-K808 phone.which type of fiel can it khnow? and can i install java on it? if can not what software can i use insteadof java? i can not found any Software fore it? can you help me?

  2. i purchase china mobile, and i want to install some java application.

    but my mobile is not supporting java, so how can i install java to support java application in my mobile………..

    my mobile is SIGMATEL S4

    thanking you
    i am waiting for your replay

  3. I HAVE china mobile (TD mobile)I want to install applications and games. how can i do it.iwant the cd of the mobile where i can find it?THANKS

  4. Dear sir,
    my handset model is Prince A 960 single sim from last month i am getting problem in my handset it is getting hanged though i had restore factory setting, but i am not satisfied and i want to add Java Games in it please suggest me which software to be use

  5. wonder, why chinese manufacturers of mobile handsets ,exported to india where english is a popular language , cant supply the instructions/manuals in english language as well ??? they should understand that by supplyiong user friendly details will be to their advantage only , hence better business.i think it is high time the chinese manufacturers change their attitude and way of business. hope this suggestion will b appreciated literally , pls . wth hopes/yours wellwisher

  6. i have a dorado d800 and a luma n95 mobile can i make them play java and nes games and applications?

  7. I have a cvision mobile cell phone (5 x zoom lens super camera).How can i play java and nes.How also can i set the internet and how to make use of the applications.Please try to answer me so that i can be able to enjoy my phone to the fullest because i have tried all my possible best to install them but they cant work out.

  8. I want to buy a Cvision china phone that says it is a "Tri-Band TV Dual SIM Card FM 2G B8000 Mobile Cell Phone"

    What I want to know:

    What CPU does it have? I got a China MP3 player which was very bad since it was a CP/M type player, comparable to a high-speed 4-bit Commodore. It played MP3 files, but since the system was 4-bit, equalizer size was reduced dramatically.

    What picture format does it take, and what is the resolution, bitrate and compression level?

    What videos format does it take, and what is the framerate, resolution, bitrate and compression level?

    If the phone supports installation, what program formats does it use?

    What digital TV signals does it receive?

  9. I own a cvision mobile cell phone (5 x zoom lens super camera) but it is not surfing the internet well. it appears that java is not on it. how can i get java/KLM in order to use it on the internet.
    Otherwise the phone is good why dont you setup offices here in Zimbabwe.


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