Qualcomm's (QCOM) subsidiary Qualcomm MEMS Technologies is collaborating with Hisense to market mobile phones with Qualcomm MEMS displays.

Available in 2008, Hisense phones will reportedly benefit from the better viewing quality and low power consumption of Qualcomm's MEMS displays.

Based on a reflective technology called interferometric modulation, Qualcomm's MEMS displays harness ambient light and require no backlighting, thereby consuming significantly less power than typical displays. Qualcomm's MEMS displays are designed to enhance the consumer's experience by providing more usage time per charge and expanding the capabilities of today's mobile devices.

"Mobile phone handsets are an ideal application for our MEMS displays due to their power savings and excellent outdoor viewing quality," said James Cathey, vice president of business development for Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Inc. "When it comes to cell phones, consumer expectations are continually increasing in terms of where they can use their phones, what types of applications they can run and how long they can use them between charges. Qualcomm's MEMS displays rise to the challenge on all these fronts, furthering the cell phone's position as a ubiquitous consumer product."


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