Hong Kong is ready to implement the second phase of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, as well as the supporting Unsolicited Electronic Messages Regulation, on December 22, 2007.

"The second phase of the UEMO will establish rules for sending commercial electronic messages," a spokesperson for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said.

Under the second phase, senders of unsolicited email are required to provide accurate sender information and unsubscribe facility in a message; not to withhold calling line identification when sending pre-recorded voice messages and fax; to honor the recipients' unsubscribe requests and not to send commercial electronic messages to any telephone/fax numbers listed on a do-not-call register to be established by the Telecommunications Authority.

"The TA will establish separate DNCs on fax, short message and pre-recorded message respectively. Members of the public can register their phone and fax numbers to notify all senders of commercial electronic messages that they do not wish to receive such message. Details of registration will be announced shortly," added the spokesperson.

The TA will issue enforcement notices to those parties contravening the provisions. Failure to comply with enforcement notices may be subject to a fine of HK$100,000 on first conviction, and up to HK$500,000 on second and subsequent conviction.


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