What's in a name? Google (GOOG) has unveiled a new domain name in China at G.cn.

Google says the new domain name, which is one of the shortest in the world, is more friendly to Google's fans in China as it is easier to type and easier to remember.

This new domain name, which is designed especially for Chinese users, is probably one of the most important steps that Google has taken for localization in China. However, Google says that the original domain name Google.cn won't be canceled with the appearance of G.cn, for it still stands as a standard domain name for Google China.

A search engine market survey released earlier shows that Baidu accounts for 74.5% of the search users in China, while Google only took about 14.3%. The appearance of the new domain name is expected to win more users for the embattled company's operations in China.


  1. Nice move but I won't be surprised if some competitor of Google comes up with b.cn or something similar in a couple of weeks…
    Sinovantage International, Shanghai

  2. Put back info? Ha! Hell will freeze over mate before Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and the others do the right thing. Where are the ethics in China? They left the country years ago!!


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