According to Jiangnan Times, many consumers in Nanjing are complaining about Nanjing Tietong for the difficulty in canceling their unwanted services offered by the telecom company.

A consumer surnamed Wang told media that she was persuaded by a sales agent from Nanjing Tietong who claimed that she would be given a complimentary CNY1000 calling voucher if she paid CNY1000. She paid the fee as prepayment and an additional CNY200 which was said to be used to activate the prepayment, but it later turned out that the service she paid for could not be used at all.

Aside from Wang, a lot of other consumers are complaining about Nanjing Tietong for a delay in canceling their services. An 80-year woman said a so-called salesperson of Nanjing Tietong came to her home in June last year and lured her to use Nanjing Tietong's long distance services saying that it would offer her more benefits, but after she paid CNY200 and realized that there was no benefit at all and wanted to cancel the service, she could not get through to Nanjing Tietong.

Dong Wei, a representative from Nanjing Tietong's After-sales Department, says that consumers can directly go to Nanjing Tietong to cancel the service or ask for refund if they are not satisfied with the company's service. Dong says as Nanjing Tietong has subcontracted some service to some agent companies, there are some difficulties for it to manage those companies that hire sales persons of different qualities. Dong admits that some of their services are not necessary for the consumers at all, but the salespeople might lure consumers to use the service in order to increase their own sales performance.

Xue Zhengyi, a commissioner of Nanjing Political Consultancy Commission, says that Nanjing Tietong is damaging its own image by sub-contracting its businesses to some irresponsible third parties.


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