More than 150 government officials, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from Beijing and Hong Kong have gathered at the Beijing Hong Kong IT Service Outsourcing Session of the 11th Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium to discuss opportunities and ways of mutual cooperation between IT outsourcing businesses from the two regions.

A representative from Beijing Commercial Bureau says that Beijing possesses the economic feature of a great industry headquarters as well as rich talent and technology resource. He says that the city's outsourcing services is mainly about information technology with about 400 companies engaged in offshore technology outsourcing, and its outsourcing has gradually extended from information service to finance, consulting, human resource and R&D.

With its rapid development of IT, consulting and service outsourcing, Hong Kong has become a main cooperator for Beijing in recent years in outsourcing. In the first eight months of this year, Beijing's software exports to Hong Kong accounted for 14% of its total software export, which was double that of the same period last year.


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