EDS, one of the world's largest IT outsourcing companies, has announced the establishment of a global service center in Wuhan.

Prior to this announcement, the global IT outsourcing giant, which currently serves clients in more than 60 countries and regions, had three global service centers, respectively located in India, Hungary and Argentina. The center in Wuhan is said to be the company's first in China.

At present, EDS Wuhan Global Service Center has 300 staff and the center plans to increase the number of employees to 1400 by the end of next year. They will also consider moving some of their orders from India to Wuhan.

David Wirt, general manager of EDS Greater China, has told Chinese media that EDS will choose a Chinese city to set up another global service center in 2008 and the new center will have about 2000 staff, making the total number of EDS staff in China reach over 5000.


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