News from China Mobile (CHL) is that it is negotiating with Apple (AAPL) on introducing the computer maker's iPhone to the Chinese market and this is expected to take place in early 2008.

Wang Jianzhou, CEO of China Mobile, disclosed that the company is discussing with Apple on how to bring iPhone to China, but he says that the parties have not reached any agreements because there are still disagreements on such details as income distribution.

iPhone is a popular product of Apple. Since it was put into the market in the United States on June 26, it has seen a total sale of over 1.4 million. Apple plans to launch the product in Asia next year and reportedly hopes to achieve a total sale of 10 million in the area in 2008. For this reason, Apple is now in negotiations with many operators from Asia, including China Mobile.

It is estimated that China Mobile may bind the selling of iPhone with its own services after it becomes an agent of Apple.



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