Five American movie companies have joined forces for the first time to fight against Chinese online movie provider, which is reported to be the largest of its kind in China.

The five American companies are Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Studios. They have together filed six lawsuits at Shanghai No. 2 Secondary People' Court, accusing Beijing Jiebao Interactive Technology Company, the operator of, and a Shanghai netcafe of illegally spreading their films to netcafe users. The American companies are asking the parties to stop the infringement and pay about CNY3.2 million in compensation.

The five companies say that the Shanghai netcafe provides 13 of their films, including "Night At The Museum" and "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" to users through a program ordering system developed by Beijing Jiebao, so the company is an abetter of the infringement.

Xie Jiangpin, assistant to the president of Beijing Jiebao, says that they are preparing to assign lawyers for the case which will be processed on November 29, but he does not make further comment on the case to Chinese media.

Founded in 2004, is reported to own the online copyrights of up to 30,000 film works.


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