Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMI) and (IBM) have signed an agreement to license IBM's 45-nanometer bulk complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology to SMIC for 300mm wafer foundry service.

"China is a rapidly growing, strategic marketplace and SMIC is the largest Chinese foundry," said Kevin Hutchings, vice president of IP Licensing for IBM.

Under the agreement, IBM will license bulk CMOS technology to SMIC. The technology can be used to fabricate devices in mobile applications such as handsets integrated with 3G, multimedia, graphics chips, and chipsets at the 45nm technology node. The technology can also support the manufacturing of graphics and other consumer devices.

"We are excited about the SMIC-IBM licensing partnership, which will accelerate SMIC technology advancement in logic process technology and help us provide optimal solutions for our customers at our 300mm facilities," said Matthew Szymanski, vice president of corporate relations for SMIC. "Coupled with IBM's expertise on design enabler and system IP comprehension, SMIC can transition our fabless customers to system-on-chip (SOC) design for the 45nm node era," said Szymanski.

The licensing agreement with IBM is part of SMIC's plan to further strengthen its leading foundry position in China to serve customers in high growth market sectors around the world. This agreement complements SMIC's ongoing research and development progress, including its 65nm low-power technology.


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