The detailed operational plan for China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting, which is China's broadcasting industry's mobile phone television standard, was disclosed at an internal meeting of the Academy of Broadcasting Science and Academy of Broadcasting Planning of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television at the end of 2007.

Jiang Wenbo, president of the Academy of Broadcasting Planning of SARFT, said that since August 2007, CMMB has been deployed in the six Olympic host cities, as well as Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and there have been three projection sites completed in Beijing. Jiang disclosed that the construction of UHF ground coverage networks will be started in 35 municipality and provincial capital cities across China in early 2008 with Lhasa and Guiyang being included in the plan afterwards.

Jiang says that apart from Beijing where there will be 10 projection sites, each of the cities will first have one project site and it will be deployed at the highest point of the city. Jiang says that CMMB's content will include television packages and value-added service packages as well as non-television program services such as stock information, weather forecasts and traffic updates.

Jiang says that CMMB is ready for commercial use in 2008 and he promises that CMMB will be used to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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