Spreadtrum (SPRD), Amoi, and Kuro jointly announced a solution for music phones offering copyrighted music in China, as Amoi unveiled its new music phones, A616 and A636.

This solution is specifically designed for the growing mobile music market, and not only brings high quality copyright protected music to Chinese mobile handset users, but also pushes domestic music phones' industrial chain to the convergence of the '4Cs': Communication, Chip, Content and Copyright.

With mobile music growing in popularity, music optimized phones are becoming favored by consumers as the main carrier of the mobile music. Nevertheless, continued poor quality of video and audio, copyright restriction of video resources, and lack of music choices have been a limitation to the quick growth of mobile music phones. There are few choices of copyrighted music services at a reasonable price in the Chinese consumer market. Meanwhile, chipset makers, handset manufacturers, and mobile music carriers look to combine music playback functions with high quality sound and large music storage to bring the consumers richer music experiences.

Kuro is a music service provider legally authorized by most record companies for millions of online copyrighted songs, providing high quality music download services in China. Through the cooperation, Spreadtrum has embedded Kuro's services into its chipset platform, so that the mobile phones equipped with Spreadtrum's chips can enable the functions of a multimedia player and online music download services.

Huang Aiping, the vice president of Amoi, said, "As a leading domestic handset manufacturer, Amoi aims to be an outstanding provider for the music market segment of handsets. It always stands in the front line of the tide of music handsets. From monosyllabic times to the polyphonic era, Amoi has developed a series of products focusing on the consumer's growing demands, and strives to introduce outstanding products which can bring richer musical experiences to consumers."


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