The State Council Informatization Office and China Mobile (CHL) will jointly promote the establishment of a national mobile e-commerce demonstrative area in western China's Chongqing.

As part of a memorandum of understanding signed between China Mobile and the Chongqing Municipality Government, the demonstrative area will be designed to make information access more convenient and make new breakthroughs in the high-tech sector while enhancing city e-commerce's basic capacity through wireless system integration and financial electronics service platform.

China Mobile says that the Chongqing company's mission is to create a national centralized platform to realize scaled growth of users and drive the development of the local economy to promote the development of the smart terminal industry, information service industry and system integration industry.

In 2002, the first mobile e-commerce platform and the first mobile telephone automatic seller machine system of China were both put into operation in Chongqing. In June 2007, one of China Mobile's first mobile phone payment service was also put into commercial use in Chongqing.


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