Beijing Police have issued an emergency reminder that with the increase of online fraud in recent days, eight online services, including,, and, have become the hangouts for thieves seeking to deceive Chinese netizens.

A representative from Beijing Municipal Public Security Department says that they received more than 2000 reports about online fraud last year and the most common method used by Internet thieves was to tell a user that they had won a lucky draw or become a lucky player to play a game for free. The police said that these cheaters usually cheated users on websites and services like Skype,,,,,, and

The police said that it was better for netizens to check a company's detailed information before they go for any online transaction with the company.

In addition, many overseas Internet users have complained in recent weeks of non-delivery of goods after they paid for electronics to be delivered via websites based in China. When the buyers then tried to contact the websites, often the website owners did not respond to queries. Some of those websites include, and


  1. I need to know about and and [email protected]
    if they are cheaters or if your know any case about that ecomerce for electronics products. I send 385USD for pay a laptop and know they send a custom notice that I must send more money 200 usd for pay taxes to Bejing custom for they send a package for me.Tks Jairo Suarez USA.

  2. hi

    i bought some items to them(ndsi and psp) and i have never received any package,can i report this to some agency?,i have the papers of moneygram still.

  3. Hi, I am having problems with who failed to ship my goods and now do not answer my emails. Do me and everyone else a favour and report them to the police. Here are there details (if true)
    108 number 1 floor 226 ridgepole
    Zhong Guan village HaiDian District Beijing
    Tel&Fax: 86+010-67725028
    Email&MSN:[email protected]

  4. I bought some items from and never got the goods. i got lies about the chinese custom. If anyone know how to contact the chinese custom or how get this peoples pay for what they're doing, please let me know

  5. Within Beijing there is a crime group setting up adverts within Australia advertising apartments for rent and then requesting a bond payment. They actually do not own any real estate in Australia.
    Any chance of someone sending me a contact to the Beijing police so as someone could investigate and possibly apprehend them?

  6. am another victim of, this bastard picked-up £375 which i paid through western union and produced me with tracking that is not trackable when asked for one,he never reply to my e-mail or chat and did not send me any item till-date

  7. i bought one laptop from company called william yantai co ltd on the
    net on and i paid 700$ they sent one that is used broken and very
    dirty and i started to contact them they never reply can someone tell
    me how can i complain on this fraud company

  8. I want to tell you that all the companies listed on website are all frauds i have tried with four companies listed on this site and they were all frauds and i have all the papers and the e-mails all the documents that support my case if you need them please do your investigation and block this site to save other people from these frauds kind regards

  9. I went onto this site called
    I signed up, I placed an order for a tv. They said they would email when my order would be sent. I have emailed them and they never emailed me back after they got my money through western union.. if these people are doing scams, they can get caught. if they went to pick up the money they used there id, and they should be on cam at western union. I want my money back, I want the person in jail who took my money and never sent out my tv…

    please report this person and this info because I dont know how to..

    Name : QingXing Yan
    City : Beijing
    County : China

  10. Similar story, I bought an iPhone from, paid via bank transfer but never received the item.

    The guy was great to begin with, answered all my emails and seemed quite genuine but then he stopped replying and when I went to the website, surprise, surprise, it was gone!

    Guy's name (don't know if it's real) Li Demiao

    As it was paid into a bank account, surely they must be able to trace this guy???

  11. i ordered to phones from sarah cao of this company hefei disheng technology information ltd $599 was stolen off me,they sent me 2 tracking numbers neither of which was anything to do with me,sarah cao,wei liu(i have photo ID,lijun fan,jack shu,zhexi shu and there company will be reported to police, tax authorities, and western union.I RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM.

  12. hello. i have also dealings with i ordered 3 cameras. never have arrived. e-mails have not been answered, since they had the money. talking to the -online- they did tell me – we not know nothing. i can deliver all contact details. greetings. and that is a gold member of alibaba!!!

  13. I have same experience with this sarah cao …. I have sent 138 Dollars fo rmemory cards…AliBaba should instantly BAN this company. I have noticed that many comapnies have gotton TRUST PASS and many are GOLD SUPPLIER by just paying 2500 DOllars, after that they are cheating people. Think in one month if they cheat 20 people with 200 Dollars. i.e 4000 Dollars. AliBaba name is trusted but they must improve check and balance…. Please help to stop fake companies by joining "Beware Alibaba Associates" Group on Google…

  14. I have sent this f*** company 4000usd to buy memory cards from Hefei Disheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.i was dealing with Ms ting, ms Sarah and Ms Chris.I sent them the money 25 days ago . there no one answer me or give any reply even from this b**** sarah or ting. they are cheaters Be careful of them.they are frauds. .

  15. There is a lady–Serena from Hefei Disheng also disappear after collected our sample cost USD2000 for LCD TV. Guys, please take note that don't remit any money to the company as Chinese New Year is coming they need to collect more money. I wonder what has the bank doing, never suspect that this person Liu HAILONG has so many people remit money to his account from other country. They are using many bank account and create a lot of different company then using the same telephone number which is mobile phone–86-15240010773. You can just key in this telephone number to google then you will find out the whole story.

    Hefei Disheng Infromation Technology Co.,Ltd. ????????????
    2. ????????????1098?
    3. contact person: Senera Hu, ??
    4. [email protected]. Skype:anna202062
    5. Company telephone number:86-15240010773.

    This is another account name
    Western union(W.U.):

    For details, please visit

    Western union information:

    First name: WEI

    Last name: LIU


    1808Room,18F,Allianz Building,Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen,P.R.China.

    Postcode: 518000

    2.Bank InformationBene’s bank: Bank of ChinaAccount:495482020012672Swift Code: BKCH CN BJ 780Name: Hailong LiuAddress: 404Room,linquan Rood, Hefei ,Anhui,China Postcode: 230000

  16. I have same problems with heifei didishing company …sarah cao…I have reported the company to Alibaba officials and other chinese law making agenciess…… but it looks like they people have no worries about these chinese companies…I have make a group on google "Beware of Alibaba associates " Please join and give a helping hand to people against online theft.

  17. Please do not remit any money to the personal account in China. The number15240010773 is a mobile phone number, may be is a PREPAID CARD,nobody will be respondsible.

    They created a lot of Fraud company to cheat money and using the same telephone number. If China Police would like to take action just pretend to buy product from them, or check the account number from whatever bank they use.

  18. I have been scammed by William Yantai and experience many of the things mentioned in these blogs. I want to take legal action but dont know how to do this. Alibaba are not interested ans sent a pathetic email saying sorry. Surely there must be something we can to to highlight this or get some compensation. Maybe contact Watch Dog Uk. If anyone can advise me then please reply.

  19. so is definitely a scam. i ordered a tv and a wii. sent the western union they did contact me to tell me to send another 162.00 for customs. so i sent it. then they tell me that customs damaged the product (note: i had 2 separate orders) so i have to send another 100 for them to reship the original package that i never received. i didn't find this site till after the fact, of course. in the above note on them they were using the name qing xing yan. in my order they used the name ying ying and yan xu. BEWARE. i am educated and they got me… bottom line if it looks too good to be true it is! good luck internet shoppers

  20. i also made a transfer of $260 to a company for a tv , as soon as the transfer was confirmed the guys dissappeared on line. her name is Brittany she uses Brittany 88520 as skype id.

    how can i contact Hefei Ploice to make a report?

  21. Greetings, I made a business through, unfortunately, who did the negotiation is a scammer, I sent by wire transfer from Venezuela 1220 U.S. dollars and now this person does not answer my emails and no phone, I need help I have all the information of residence of the person, bank address, address of the fake company. I await your prompt help. Thank you very much.

  22. I was scammed by
    DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people. After receiving a very poor quality item – (the entire bottom part of the bag wasn't even sown in – it was a loose flap ) and that it was supposed to be a computer bag – which there was not even a compartment for a computer, i asked for my money back. Their website touts they are against fraud and will guarantee returns due to back workmanship. They said "don't worry – please sent your product and we will refund the money." After $168.00 of return cost, which they say they will reimburse, their communication has gone from "we have notified your bank" to "never received it" to "stuck in customs" back to "notified your bank" then to "have reshipped new product" to "never received it". This has been going on for almost 3 months. It is clear that they have no intention in refunding my money. The product was $367 so i'm out almost $600!!

  23. Hi,
    I used to buy a one iMac that it was for sale for $221, and when I placed the order, I was told that I have to add $60 for shipping and they can only accept western union or bank transfer. So, the total was $331 (money was sent and picked on 5/15/10), but since then, I have been asking for a tracking number, but all I get is just excuses after excuses. On 6/4/10, I received an email from theire so called customer service, asking me for an additional $137 for custom fee, and I will have to pay it in order for custom to release the iMac. I asked for refund, and they said NO, there is nothing wrong with the product and I HAVE to pay the tariff to get the iMac. I tried to explain to the rep that they should include all the fees before sending an invoice and accept the money, but they don't want to hear anything and demanding more moeny. I know then that it was a SCAM, so I contacted B2B to let them know about the company, and I am waiting to see what is giong to happen.

  24. Hi,
    I placed an order for 3 laptops via this company 4 weeks ago,
    and the manager promised 1 free laptop. after the transaction
    was made the cargo shipment details were E mailed to me with a
    trackings Number which was not registered by DHL, I enquired and he
    told me the customs in hong kong detained the cargo and he never
    got back to me again or even answered my E mails..I enquired with DHL and Hong Kong Customs and they could not locate the cargo..

    This is the company Address and the banking Transfer Account and address.

    Tritech Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
    Are; Guangdong -Zhuhai –
    Address:Honghui 5th Road, Shuanglin Region Liangang
    Contact Person Mr. Albert
    Department: Sales Department
    Position: Manager
    Fax: 86-756-5151509

    Beneficiary Name: XIA JINJU
    BeneficiaryAddress: Honghui 5th Road, Shuanglin Region, Liangang Industrial Zone, Zhuhai, China
    Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch
    Beneficiary Bank Add.: 21/F Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Beneficiary Bank Swift Code: CMBCHKHH
    Beneficiary A/C No.: 621299 860 3322914
    Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK N.A. NEWYORK
    Intermediary Bank Swift Code: CITIUS33
    Intermediary Bank ACCOUNT NO.????36206318

    Please Deal with this Fellow.

  25. Please dont do bussines with They take money from you and then send you sorry email that your itma stuck in costumes. I gave them more money to pay for the costume and recived an email from their agent Amy Green saying that costumes are clear . and tommorow they will send me my goods. I contact her right away online and reply was that cotumes wasnt cleaar yet, and that she needs to clear so many itams, and when I showed her her on email, she stoped replying.
    I'm thinking to contact Beijin police, this itam was a present for my groom, and now I dont have money and present:(

  26. I have been dealing with a company called Cell Bay Digital for the Past 2 years , when they had gained my trust they decided to cheat me . I sent to them USD 12420 and only received less than half the stock they were suppose to send. and now they have blocked me sending emails to them. please can i have shenzhen police details especially email. address for cell Bay digital room 1108 building B Shidaiduhui,huaqiangbei road, futian district , shenzhen china contct people Justin Peng ang Jessica Wong

  27. can somebody help me find a phone nummber or an e mail address to report a fraud.
    i have paid more than 500 euros for some i phones
    to mail / Live Chat
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    Gmail : [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Enterprise mailbox:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Company address
    No.69 North Road HuBin Xiamen Fujian China
    Postal Code
    Office Tel
    they have promissed to delivery my order within 6 day
    not only that they havent send me my items they dont answere on my e mails phone calls what so ever

    please anybody help me to contact the police government

  28. same things …
    they have promised to delivery my order within 6 day
    not only that they haven't send me my items they don't answer my e-mails phone calls

    please help me to contact the police and report the responsable.
    Xiao Dong, Liu, Beijing, China, Zipcode: 10086
    western union payement

  29. how to contact Beijing police to report a internet fraud ?
    criminal : Xiao Dong, Liu, Beijing, China, Zipcode: 10086
    western union payement.

  30. is a mother f**ker fraud!!!!! epirot you are not the only one who scamed by them!!!!!
    It's a copy fraud website of the famous legit website!!!!

    I bought something on and i got the items, it's a legit company. So i thought that 6daysget may be legit too, but i was wrong!!! They gave very good prices for me so i paid WU directly to them, but orders never arrived!!!

    I had reported this scam site to Xiamen police, and waiting for their answer!

  31. I bought a Sony laptop from this website:

    The payment is done by T.T on 1/10/2010 but laptop still not receive yet..!
    I called the company phone , the telephone line out of service..!but the website above still exist…!

    I wrote an email to Bejing Police Municipal 2 days ago but No reply yet. I told them to check company still exist or not.

    Beijing Police I need your help please to find out what is going on…?
    Catch them and put them into jail…!

  32. Dear Police Department Of China,

    I lost $855 in below website online ordering, this web site is typically fraud website and don't pay or place any order with them.

    If chineese govt can do some actions against them well appreciated.

    Best Regards
    Jino Thomas
    Best Serve Infotech LLC
    Sharjah UAE
    United Arab Emirates

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I really don,t know what Chinese Police doing in Beijing..!
    The website that I reported to them still running..!

    This website is sucked…!Don`t buy anything from this website.They never send you the product that you already paid for it.

    Beijing Police wake up and go to stop them..!

  34. hello
    i am also suffered with the same issue.i had paid the money to now they dont want to send me goods.plz if some body have bejing china police contect detailplzplzplz help me out.

  35. I called myself Chinese and I am shamful for all those illegal act by the chinese in China.

    I have been cheated by a company called :

    Jian Qing International Trade Co. Ltd.

    e-mail: [email protected]

    I paid and never receive the goods and never reply my e-mail.

    Where I can ask for help?

  36. hello everybody.
    thanks to all my freinds who all seated in one line with spamer wed fraudent.i had same experiance with i check all your blog and i faound that there in china may be a one gang who run these all website in all defffarant name in support with chinese govt.i am 100 %sure that its real fact that they are supporting them.if they not why shoud they are not takking any action on itwhile they have pandding 2000 plus report of fraudent web.we all are educated and want to go ahead but cant fine the real advice or real suporet from the got of china.but if somebody from china they can go to local police with that adress where the people are cheated by these web.we have to make a unity and write a later to chinese pm about this issue with all people and all web adressed from they are doing somone can go ahead of this topic so our other brother cant be cheat.i am ready for this if some one send me china police or pm mail adress.take care all of you.and no more deal with BRIGHT-DEAL.COM.plz plz becarefull.

  37. I lost 360 $ in below website online ordering, this web site is typically fraud website and don't pay or place any order with them.the company is ( or, and i transfered to bank of china.-

    If chineese govt can do some actions against them well appreciated.

  38. We lost 800$ when we order a product online. Here are the persons details.
    Payment Via BANK OF CHINA

    Bank of china
    Swift: bkchcnbj73c
    Beneficiary: Jianqing Chen
    Ben's account: 455230101881358450
    Post code : 200120
    Address: Room 1506-1508, Huaxia Bank Building, No. 266 Pudong South Road Shanghai city China
    His e-mail is: [email protected]
    Company website:

    This is the list I found on alibaba:
    2. Link International Metal Industry ( Hong Kong ) Co., Ltd.
    3. Hangzhou Chengda Trading Co., Ltd.
    4. Shenyang Xuncong Commodity Trade Center
    6. Qingdao Ruchun Co., Ltd.
    9. Yik Pui Tat (Shenzhen) Handbag Mfg.
    11. Nanning Mingwen Electronics Co., Ltd.
    12. Shenzhen CYD Trade Co., Ltd.
    13. Shanghai Doyenne Trading Co., Ltd
    14. Shanghai Chang Yuan Water Wash Co., Ltd.
    15. Royal Yu Keung Technology Ltd.
    19. Nanchang Zhichao Co., Ltd.
    21. Beijie Trade Co., Ltd.
    22. Shanghai Yinglian Co., Ltd
    23. Fuzhou Taijiang San He Digital Electronics Firm
    25. Yunnan Giant Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    26. Quanzhou Quangang Henderson Department Of Computer Management

    Please stay away from this companies.


  39. I have transfer Usd 513 for a 55 samsung tv but as soon as i make the transfer the supplier has block my mail.When i try to talk to him via another mail me disconnect.I phone him several time he took my phone the disconect it.I have all proof.The bank transfer and my bank confirm me that they got the money.

    His website is:

    Beijing Xinguang Electronics Co., Ltd

    Any questions please feel free to contact us by following informations,

    Add: No 41, Zhonguanchun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100010, China

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Tel: 008610-81944797

    Bank Name: Bank of China

    Account Holder’s Name (Beneficiary):

    Lei Yongqiang

    Account number : 340254133683

    Swift Code : BKCHCNBJ110

    Address: No.2 Chao Yang Men Nei Da

    Jie, Dongcheng District,

    Beijing, 100010, China

  40. I was Ripped Off For $1700 By WC999 Store,Once known as DG999 Store China
    It is a Attractive and professional-looking site.This site is Now and run by a BingChun Liao, Address:Putian,Fujian,China,Zip Code:351100.I purchased multiple items and spent alot of money..I am beside myself with greif and dispair..I sold all theses computers to my customers, and they didn't arrive for Christmas..
    I was sent confirmation number and directions for sending payment. As instructed, I sent money to Bing Chun Liao in Putian, China by Western Union. (Credit cards or Paypal were not given as options on site as payment methods.) After I sent the money, I did not receive the product or any response to my repeated emails.
    This BingChun Liao is a Theif and belongs in Jail along with the people that work for him.
    Remember If Its To Good To Be True Than it Is…..
    *****BE CAREFUL*****

  41. I tried to purchase a camera at a site called they had me send the money western union and then they sent me an I am sorry e-mail saying that I needed to send an additional 135 USD for customs charges I then asked for a refund and was told that it would be fifteen days. It appears as though fraud is the way of the east and I will no longer buy a pencil from an eastern site.

  42. I had a similar experience…where they had an LCD TV very cheap but i sent them the money and before they were to send it, they requested about $180 more for taxes and and I refused and requested to get my refund and now for the past week, they keep saying that we will pay you next week….and this is still continuing as we speak….I am feed up with this junk.

    (2)BANK ADDRESS:NO.89 of Industrial Road, NanYang HeNan China
    First name:Baowen
    Last name: Feng
    (4)Bank Account :263702699265
    (6)Zip: 473000(Postal Code
    THIS IS THE BANK DETAILSOF ANOTHER FRAUE BY Beijing International Electronic Business Trade Co.,Ltd

  44. Hi,

    I have been cheated by placing order and getting the re
    response from the vendor i have made the payment remittance to
    their account. Later i am not getting any response nor ordered
    item. Does anyone having the contact details(phone number, email id)of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. so that i can contact and seek their help.

    If anyone is finding any details don't hesitate to email me

  45. look like in china police nobody cares,
    every body can scam nobody speciality alibaba
    they just take your money and leave
    maybe if all the people that we have been scam put all the efforts toghether and make evry single company to pay or make alibaba responsable fr this frud
    here is another cruck company
    Nicole Huang
    Hangzhou Mino Daily Chemicals Co.,Ltd
    Add: Building 6th, No.1533 Hanghai Road, South Qiaosi District,
    Yuhang Economic Development Zone,Hangzhou City,
    Zhejiang Province China 311101
    MSN:[email protected]
    QQ: 121874425
    Cel: 0086 159 6882 5702
    Tel: 0086 571 8919 0038 ext.16
    Fax: 0086 571 8919 0037

  46. I was trying to buy a camera Canon 1D from:[email protected] And payd 664$ for that to:
    A/C No.:4563517-0030-49136-115
    Postcode :528463
    This is all the facts I have about them

  47. BEWARE Goldin Toptech Co., Ltd.

    Goldin Toptech Co., Ltd. stole US$2,450.00 from us.

    We ordered 100 32GB Micro SDHC cards and they shipped us corrupted, worthless, unusable Micro SDHC cards.

    Before we ordered we ask if the cards had a true uncorrupted 32GB memory and would the cards pass the H2TESTW test. Goldin Toptech advised that the memory was uncorrupted and that the cards would pass the H2TESTW test.

    The cards we received were corrupted and none of the cards passed the H2TESTW test.

    Golding Toptech Co., Ltd. lied to us and commited an act of Criminal Fraud and Criminal Theft.

    Goldin Toptech Co., Ltd. is a VERIFIED SUPPLIER on Global Sources and they use this status as a selling point.

    We are requesting that Global Sources remove Goldin Toptech's VERIFIED SUPPLIER status.

    If anyone needs additional information regarding Goldin Toptech, please contact me at [email protected].

    Jacob McKenna

    The Spy Store, Inc.

  48. hi i bought a TV and computer from pretty i send $800 dollars through western union its over two months now never received it they keep telling me i will get my tracking number who do i report this to i want my money back.

  49. Im now whondering what the Bejing policedepartment is doing with the criminals in Bejing when nothing is happening.They got names and accont numbers thrue the internet and it seems that NOTHING has happned???

  50. Hi there,
    I got ripped off the site bying a Garmin GPS. The price was at $180 + $30 shipping. Then another $127 for customs exportation fees??? and another $75 for fine because the product was signed as "gift" illegally. When I finally descided to pay this as well it had gone up to $81.
    The strange thing is all their details are on their site so however wants to arrest them could do so quite easilly. I tried some emails to the ministry of commerce and the links to the police are in Chinese. I can;t believe the official state is not caring, because the reliability in the internet is a key issue.
    I can see the trade with China collapsing as quickly as it rose. From now on only paypal will get my money.

  51. Why want the Bejing Police notdo anything? You have got names and bankaccont numbers from people who bin lied to and taken money from and not got any of the stuff they ordered: Is it so that the Bejing Police department dont got the muscles it shold have to take the GAME whit the criminals.

  52. I paid $168 dollars for a Nokia N97 phone from I sent the money through Western Union and over a month has passed and they have not sent the product. The website is no longer available and they stop replying to my e-mails. They operate another website called, do not purchase from them, they are all thieves.

  53. I got ripped nearly $1k by
    Recipient xiaoxiong liu..
    Contact [email protected]
    Least something is being done, and this also helps to make all aware before they move onto the next domain name and keep doing it

  54. I had a dealing with YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP. LTD. that didn't go well. I would like to find out how to file a complaint with the China Police againest YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP.LTD. C BLDG., 12 EAST YANHE ROAD, YANCHENG 224001, JIANGSU, CHINA I ordered a tractor and front end loader from YANCHENG FOREIGN TRADE CORP. LTD. In Feb. 2011 and here it is June 2011 and the tractor hasn't been shipped. I was promised the items would be shipped within 30 days of my deposit. I sent my deposit but it has been over 90 days and the items haven't been shipped.

  55. I ordered a few products from a website called I should've notice something was wrong when the items cost around $68.00 but the shipping was over $75.00 USD. Anyway, I ordered it on may 2, and it's June 17th and I still haven't received anything!! Not even a confirmation email. Then I look on the sit an it's says my order was cancelled, but the received the $ from my bank already!! I've sent 10 emails with no replies, & the msn instant is always offline.

  56. Hi,
    There was a chinese person who is running this web site"" with a customer service e-mail id as [email protected]. My story started like this.
    1. Through his wesite I have purchased a I phone
    2. I have transfer the require funds through my bank account
    3. After he received my funds (NZ $700) he told me the he is sending the courrier package.
    4. Next day he e-mailed me & ask me to pay another 160 ero to clear customs
    5. I refuse to pay. Because I have ask him to provide tracking number so that I will track that one out.
    6. He is start telling some stories
    7. I know I am not goining to find any of my funds
    8. But I wanted to save some one from this guy.
    9. We need to stop that web site.
    10. Here is his details as he provides from his site:
    Bank name:Bank of China HeNan Branch
    Address: 126 Gong Ye Road, NanYang 473000, HeNan Prov., China
    A/C holders name: Ji Huang

    A/C No.:6013-8280-1601-4282-712

    Swift code: BKCH CN BJ 530

    Regards, Anil

  57. Report of Activities of a Fraudulent Business Entity Operating in the People’s Republic of China

    We will be happy if someone can effect investigation into a case that seems to us fraudulent. We ordered a camera from this website; and had payment for the good transferred to the company in China, through a bank account of the Bank of China in Beijing (Acct#410223001880216709, in the name of Hong Quio, of 8, Yabao Lu Chao Yang, District, Beijing, Post Code 100021) . It now seems clear to us that this is a clear case of fraud being perpetrated by a group operating in the People’s Republic of China. We will be grateful if these criminals are brought to book and our transfer duly refunded to us.


  58. I understand wery well that Bejing is a very large city.But what i dont understand is that the Police in Bejing dont do anything about the criminals overthere even when they get names and facts about the criminals overthere,is it so that the Police are afraid to mist thir face as they say in CHINA?

  59. Do not send money to a company called – money was wired to YanLie Xu – after receiving the funds, they stopped emailing and kept our money. They are out of Beijing China and have a nice website

  60. Another company to add to the list is below is a breif chat I had with them.
    Why dont we all get together thow a few pound in a pot and see if we can buy some justice or at least get the barstards nicked for fraud? Who know we may even get some money back? I lost £385 about $460 LET GO AFTER THEM I am up for it

    If it is busying now,try again or phone me please
    System Message(1000)2011-12-15 03:50:08

    Congratulation!Login successfully.

    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 03:50:16

    Hi, I'm Lisa ,what can I do for you?

    you 2011-12-14 19:53:40
    yeah you mailed a letter fro the china customs asking for £144 tariff I have checked thid document with the british customs and they are understanding its a fake document and also inform me that if any customs tariff were due it would only be due when the goods arrive in the UK?
    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 03:54:54

    we will inform the customs to send you the products as soon as possible after we check the payment for tariff

    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 03:55:10

    please pay as last time you paid for your order

    you 2011-12-14 19:55:12
    victim of internet shopping scam
    you 2011-12-14 19:57:29
    you really think I am gonna trust you with more of my money? I will only pay the tariff on pick up of my paid for items and can you please confirm the letter you sent me today from china customs is legal?
    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 03:58:12


    you 2011-12-14 19:58:10
    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 03:58:33

    we will send you the products immediately when we check your payment for your tariff

    you 2011-12-14 19:59:14
    I will confirm with china custom later to day to confirm if not I will report you to the china police
    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 04:00:15

    we gurantee that we will send you the product immediately when check the tariff

    ausuk(9247242)2011-12-15 04:00:30

    please understand us our products are so cheap we can not afford that

    you 2011-12-14 20:0:54
    sorry dont beleive you and dont trust you

  61. i also order laptops costing 1400$ they told me they will send me the goods after i made payment to them i made payment tthrough western union but i also get the id card of their manager i make payment on 15-2-2012 they said they will send me goods on 20 or 21 but after i send them money they give me tracking number which is not tracked yet i try to contact with them they said the goods will b reach to me on 21 ems is slow thats y , i m too worried bcz i bough first time and i took loan for this i m totally finished if i didnt get goods :(
    please any one can help so i will b very thankfull
    my contact +923022939700
    and company is sunsky technology .co.ltD

  62. I believe is a scam company. I purchased a tablet from them on Feb 19th, 2012, and the tracking number did not work. The website and contact email disappeared March 1st, 2012.

    Paypal is investigating them.

    Thanks for any information,

  63. Hello!
    I believed and bought their phone.
    they promised to send my product EMS.
    And now need to pay any taxes on 56% of the amount. Refuse to return the money. There are the coordinates of the mobile phone, email, and address of the seller.
    Help please.
    If I do not write back, send me please feel free to contact anyone I can write about this issue, please. really asking you.
    My contact – [email protected]

  64. I havent received my items from yet. They promised to deliver it thru NMS and now the phone number is power off
    please help

  65. I purchased an HTC phone and samsung tv and they asked for 60% fee for taxes. I paid money to SIJIA YANG using western Union but he never replies my emails and the phone is off.
    The company incharge is HUABEI ELECTRONICS with a website called

  66. -this Internet site swindles the consumers, because he declares to sell articles of value, instead to house you send the things at a low cost, than the consumers have paid high price. this site is connected with the site, that sells counterfeit Ugg boots in synthetic to high prices, and they describe UGG boots in true skin, instead send you the counterfeiting to low cost in sintetic at price 96,00 euros,this is not original with imitation UGG Trademarks!!!

  67. – this internet site is the biggest scam ever. I made a payment of 1,250 dollars on 7/5/2012 with western union to Jianhua Li, in Beijing China. Post code : 100088. After paying that amount they said that I have to pay 50% in customs taxes. I paid them; and since then always say "we will send you the tracking number next Monday, then the next Wednesday, then next Monday again…it is a joke. I WANT TO PURSUE THEM WITH THE POLICE IN BEIJING CHINA, PLEASE HELP

  68. I want to report a fraud commited by a resident of china.. how do I do that! They stole from me and I have the address they had me ship the item to but they tricked me about the payment… who can help me? I hate it when the bad guy wins… I am big in principle and would LOVE to have a police office visit this address and "question" the occupants.. and maybe get my ring back?

  69. stole my money too!! How do I contact POLICE IN CHINA?? Are Chinese all thieves and stealing money online for their communist country??? They have no ethics and no morals no ability to stop themselves from cheating!

    I AM SO ANGRY because they stole my money last month and I tried now for 23 daysd to get my order cancelled or my money back because no goods arrived yet.

    I deal with them and they never give me response. HOW DO I CONTACT POLICE?? Why are Chinese police arresting artists when they should instead be arresting troublemakers and thieves online who steal money???????

  70. Finding a safe, secure and trustworthy eCommerce web-site for tradeing in China is awafully troublesome and my team has tried background on payment solutions and platforms to find honest teams to work with but still no luck. After reading all the crap on this thread I am not happy thinking China may be the source of our tools manufacturing but then Vietnam seems also not worthy and also as corrupt. Now is time for proud Americans to make manufactured goods ourselves to over come the bad internet web-site.

  71. Using Western Union I sent money on 15/11/2012 for 2 electrical items from the following address after using an online global company, it was collected by
    Jiang Hong Xie
    No 608 North Third Ring Rd
    Beijing 100032
    Phoning Western Union on 2 separate times I was told they would not look into fraud, told me to attend own police station in Australia. They told me they could not investigate due to large number of simelar complaints, most using Western Union as a front

  72. hey friends i have order one shoping site name is…i have paid for it but they dont response me ..nothing what can i do

  73. Do not do business on websites in China with a person named Haisong Peng. I lost $135.00 and he will not answer emails or send me the Xiaomi phone. Beware this fraud!

  74. Do not buy from They are doing fraud! If anyone from can China go to police station and complain about this will give favor many people.

    I sent money below information and never they replied after that.

    Bank Name : Western Union Bank
    First Name: zhiyong
    Last Name : xie
    Address :No.1106,North third ring road,Beijing China
    ZIP : 100032

    Person email:
    [email protected]

  75. Another two names that stole from me 415 usd for mobile phones and 201.4 usd for brand tax in custons
    vibby cheung
    zhongbiao zhang
    company name goldenrivele
    phone numbers that Are still active

    phone number: +86 155104025141

    +86 15510285243

    can we do anything to stop these fraud?

  76. beware of this company
    BEijing yaxin technology ltd.

    : yaxinelec-nick

    Phone: +8615652854162
    Email: [email protected]

    Our western union account below:
    First name:MaLiang
    Last name: Xie
    City: Beijing
    Province: Beijing
    Country: China
    Zip Code: 100000

    Pay by bank transfer our account below:
    First Name: Wen
    Last name:? Yang
    Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA
    Beneficiary Account: 6217582000009394719
    Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ45A
    City: Beijing
    Province: Beijing
    Country: China
    Zip Code: 100000

    more details are available in alibaba scammers list with all its certifications'

  77. Ordered Samsung Galaxy 7S Edge mobile phone with
    They said to transfer funds to:-

    Account Holder : SONG CHUANG
    Bank Of China
    Account No. 259848082009
    Address : No.1 Fuxingmen NeiDaJie, Beijing China

    They received US$289.50 in above account and said my phone is with customs
    and will be shipped in 14 days.

    So far I have not received goods and no reply from despite many emails
    sent to them.

    We request Beijing police to enquire with Bank of China and with Song Chuang Account
    Holder with Bank and with

  78. hi i want to purchase some items in china, but with all this comments, it worrys me.
    did someone ever come back to u guys with all this issues????????

    here is the website and adress
    Yunnan DingCheng Electronic.Co,Ltd

    Address: Room 411,Floor No.3,Guomao Building,No.38 Guishan Road,Hongta District,Yuxi City, Yunnan province
    Country: China 655000

  79. Hi I have paid for two Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones from Beijing New GK Technology Co Ltd and was dealing with Ada who seemed pleasant to deal with but the whole deal has turned out to be a shambles.
    She now says after the goods were shipped Customs want $99.00 to release them which she wants paid into their bank account or I will be charged more daily.Well this is not going to happen and now all contact has ceased so I have reported this to the Police and are warning anyone else to stay well away from these scammers.


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