The first e-waste recycling facility established by a foreign company in China has been put into operation with the unveiling of the Management Regulation on the Recycling and Treatment of Disposed Appliances and Electronics Products.

Fuji Xerox unveiled its integrated resource recycling system in Suzhou Industrial Park on January 15. The facility will be used to dismantle the printer cartridges, photocopiers and printers that Fuji Xerox has collected from across mainland China and dissolve them into 64 categories of steel, glass, and copper before transforming them into new raw materials.

A representative from Fuji Xerox said at a press conference that the new facility is a wholly-owned company of Fuji Xerox in China with a total of JPY650 million in investment and it features an annual capacity of disposing 15000 pieces of equipment and 500,000 printer cartridges. The facility plans to recycle 4000 pieces of equipment and 120,000 printer cartridges in the first year.

Besides Fuji Xerox, some other foreign companies are also beginning to build e-waste processing facilities in China. According to You Nan, a representative from Panasonic, Panasonic is keeping a close watch on the sector and may soon open its own facility.


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