Oracle announced at a press conference that it will open a series of branches in Hangzhou and other areas of mainland China.

The company will establish a strategic partnership with China's relevant technology departments to develop with China's software industry under the direction of the government.

Wang Chunwen, the company's vice-president and general manager of East China and West China says this is an important component of Oracle's "China Plan" since 2006 to open these branches. Oracle's three strategies in China are to promote localization, establish a firm relationship with Chinese partners and invest in the Chinese market.

Wang says with the help of the Hangzhou branch, Oracle wants to introduce its advanced technologies and experiences into Zhejiang Province and then spread its successful experiences into other provinces. The company will cooperate with Chinese government to promote the development of regional economy; improve research to produce technological supporting tools according to the needs of customers and partners; and launch advanced software solutions and training projects to help the local companies to raise the ability of their employees and the competitive strength of their businesses.


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