More than 300 electronics manufacturers, including Foxconn, Huawei and ZTE, have jointly issued a declaration to push for upgrades within the electronics manufacturing industry.

They have also formed an alliance which will offer a series of preferential policies for member companies. Wang Dianfu, deputy director of the China Electronics Enterprise Association, says that the alliance will work on making an industry standard, a unified catalog, and a quality control procedure to push and test the technology innovation of the industry. Members of the alliance will use a unified logo, which will provide a trustworthy image for consumers.

The companies also released a proposal advocating the entire electronics manufacturing industry to carry out quality-focused technology innovation and promotion of electronics product manufacturing techniques and technology innovation.

News from the First China Electronics Manufacturing Technics Innovation Summit Forum is that there is about CNY420 billion market demand in China's electronic manufacturing market, and if this industry is upgraded and optimized it will save over CNY300 billion in costs each year.


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