Huang Chengqing, secretary general of Internet Society of China, says that ISC will punish the parties that commission others to send spam.

Huang said at a press conference that spam senders will be often consigned by others, so they will mainly target those that consign others to send spam and benefit monetarily from it. Huang said that to provide convenience for users to report the spam senders, ISC has released an email client terminal software with this reporting function, and the anti-spam center will block email addresses that had been confirmed to be used for sending spam.

According to ISC's latest statistic, in the fourth quarter of last year, the average spam emails received by Chinese netizens each week accounted for 55.65% of the total emails they received during the week, and this had caused a total loss of CNY18.84 billion for the country, which was an increase of 80.6% compared with 2006. The increase was the biggest in the past five years since China began its anti-spam campaign.


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