According to, Chinese e-commerce service provider Alibaba will spend several hundred million dollars to seek cooperation with well-known international venture capitalists to help Alisoft's partners solve fund shortages and even help them get listed in Asia or overseas.

Alibaba has formed an alliance with industry giants like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Sun, Oracle, Dell and Huawei and released the first software inter-link platform in Asia through which corporate users can obtain Software-as-a-Service.

Wang Tao, president of Alisoft, said that Alisoft's goal is to be the largest software operation platform in the world. He said that to realize this goal, Alibaba would invest over US$100 million to seek cooperation with risk funds and help Alisoft's business partners solve their financial problems.

Alibaba has already formed an Internet marketing platform based on,, Alipay and Alimama. To offer users better experiences, Alibaba spends over CNY100 million every year on system development. Wang said that different from that began as a free service, Alisoft has a clear profit-making pattern.


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