China TransInfo has signed a contract jointly with the Huhhot Comprehensive Traffic Information Center and the Huhhot Department of Transportation Administration to exclusively invest in and construct the LED stripe screen advertisement broadcasting system for taxis in the city of Huhhot.

"We are very excited to provide Huhhot with our transportation media platform services," said Shudong Xia, CEO of China TransInfo, in a prepared statement. "This contract has further expanded the geographic breadth of our clientele, increasing China TransInfo's profile as one of the few companies which can provide transportation information services on a national scale."

LSABS will be an integral part of the Huhhot central traffic command and information coordination system. With a population of roughly 2.5 million, Huhhot is the capital city of the Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China. The contract with Huhhot will be effective for 15 years, and China TransInfo will install LED screens and other equipment to compliment the pre-existing GPS system platform in vehicles. The new LSABS system will display advertisements and other information both inside and outside of taxis. In total, China TransInfo will be installing equipments on 4,666 taxis.

In addition, China TransInfo will be responsible for ad placement and operations management for the LED stripe screen media platform. By also providing free public information broadcasting services for the local government on these display screens, the company has obtained the exclusive right to use real-time operations data from taxis, including taxi speed and location, free of charge. China TransInfo may use this as the foundation to develop interactive traffic information services.


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