Chinese Internet portal and instant messaging company Tencent has signed a strategic partnership for building and marketing a student-oriented social networking platform in China with Globe7.

Named Longhaier, the site will offer online forums, campus information and games, and other interactive Web applications, and also will provide extensive information on study abroad, job placement and scholarship opportunities, the companies said. Longhaier will offer opportunities for teenagers and students to share their lives and communicate with each other. The site will help students prepare for academic testing, find jobs, and will also provide online communities, gaming and entertainment.

Tencent has successfully created a large Internet community with, which has wide popularity, particularly among young Internet users. QQ is a leader in expanding ways of using the Internet. Globe7's parent company, India-based Northgate Technologies, created BharatStudent, one of India's largest and fastest growing social networking sites, with an emphasis on students and education.

Globe7 HK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northgate Technologies. Publicly traded in India, Northgate has operations in the United States, Britain, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


  1. Nothing more has grown exponentially like the social networking sites recently. Some have been so deep routed that its only impossible to breathe. The sites like Globe7 should definitely be motivated to come up, cause its for the student and they are the future. anything that facilitates communications for students should always be welcomed, is what I feel.



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