Though China's national 3G standard TD-SCDMA will soon be put into commercial use, the key figures at Datang Mobile who have made great efforts in making and pushing the development of the standard have chosen to leave the company.

Yang guiliang, vice president of Datang Mobile, is reported to have submitted a resignation report and become the third vice president of the company to leave, following former president Tang Ru'an. Yang had worked in Datang Mobile for about a decade, responsible for the development and promotion of TD. When asked why he will leave, he told Chinese media that he has stayed in Datang Mobile for too long and just wants to have a change.

Since November last year and after the resignation of Tang Ru'an, a number of Datang Mobile's top management and key executive staff have chosen to leave the company. They are Datang Mobile's vice president Lu Wu; vice president and chief engineer Li Feng; general manager of the company's Strategy Department Ge Sijing; and deputy general manager of the company's Cooperation Department Zhao Lin.


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