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Company Hopes For Legal Win Against Baidu has issued a press statement about its ongoing legal dealings with Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU).

Wu Duanping, CEO of, says that the second hearing on the lawsuit against was held in the People's High Court of Beijing on March 3 and the court will make its final ruling by the end of May. Wu wants Baidu to stop linking to's pages and music downloads. Expressing wishful thinking, Wu says if Baidu's MP3 search engine service is ruled unlawful,'s leading position in the Chinese search engine market may topple. China and have both been sued in the past for their linking services and their cases were decided by the same court in Beijing. However, the legal results they faced were different. China lost, while won.

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  1. Linking, that's what the internet is all about. Internconnectivity as the worldwide web is the true freedom the internet offers. like any other search engine should have the legal right to offer links to any legal website, … it's a service to all internet participants.

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