Motorola (MOT) has announced today the signing of a commercial contract with Shanghai Unicom for building a value-added service platform.

"Shanghai Unicom is committed to providing innovative and personalized end-user multimedia services to our customers and ensuring the use of cutting-edge technology and service delivery solutions," said Zhao Le, general manager of Shanghai Unicom, "We are pleased to have a strong solution provider like Motorola behind us as we roll out new applications for our customers. With Motorola's support, we are confident that we will meet our customers' expectations."

This cooperation, which marks Motorola's entrance into the region's service provider data applications management market, aims to strengthen the telecommunications service provider's service creation, delivery and management capabilities for mobile data applications.

Motorola's Global Applications Management Architecture is a major element of Motorola's comprehensive set of offerings for the service delivery solutions space. With Motorola's GAMA service enabling solution, Shanghai Unicom's VASP will simplify the current integration and future delivery of data applications through combination services, automated governance, value chain management and consistent user identity. End-user experience will be enhanced through single sign-on across all data services, and with the fast roll out of a wide range of value-added services and applications by leveraging existing service capabilities.

As part of the contract, Motorola will provide servers, network equipment and GAMA software customized for Shanghai Unicom. Motorola Global Services professionals will support the modification of its legacy systems such as content downloading system, WAP and LBS platforms and the integration of VASP with Shanghai Unicom's existing network environment.


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