Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) has signed a deal with China Netcom to provide search results on pages when users accidentally mistype or visit incorrect website URLs.

"We are determined to become the leading provider of broadband communications and multimedia services in China," said Fang Yiming, CNC's general manager of media business in a media statement. "Our goal is to provide our users with the most convenient, efficient and comprehensive service by coupling our vast customer base with Baidu's leading technology and market position in search. The synergy between Baidu and CNC will be enormously valuable for all of our customers."

It is unclear if Baidu, a company trading in the United States, will also participate in welcoming visitors on pages that are blocked in China. Though they rarely admit to it, some Internet Service Providers in the past have redirected Chinese Internet users to search-related pages when the users attempt to visit websites banned in China.

Shen Haoyu, Baidu's vice president of business operations, said the partnership is business-minded: "As we continue to transform Baidu Union from a search and advertising network to a true business solutions provider, Baidu is increasingly lending expertise in search and product design and development of business models to partners. We find these types of partnerships mutually beneficial."


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