Chinese online auction website, owned by, will upgrade its B2C business and launch a new Taobao Shopping Mall.

Lu Zhaoxi, president of, has attached great importance to the company's B2C service. At the end of last year, set up a special B2C department to be responsible for the operation of B2C services. To create a new B2C platform, the company also held a series of business bidding activities earlier this year. However, it has not published any information of the businesses to complete the platform testing. is arranging an internal testing of the new Taobao Shopping Mall, which is expected to be formally launched in mid-April.

Dell has has also just set up its first flagship store on

This is the first time that a computer manufacturer has ever set up an online store in a B2C Chinese website like

Sun Weilun, marketing director of Dell Greater China's Individual Client Department, says that the opening of the new store at is another example that Dell has made since the launching of its client experience center and its partnership with Chinese electronics retailer Gome.


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