Tejari, a B2B platform from the United Arab Emirates, has formally announced its entry into the Chinese market.

Tejari, an affiliate of Dubai World which is one of the world's largest holding companies, plans to open 12 branches in China within the year and attract about 100,000 online business clients around the country.

Omar Hijazi, CEO of Tejari, said at a press conference that they have chosen Shanghaimart as their first partner in China. Omar says that they choose to enter China's e-commerce market at this time because the bilateral trade between China and the Middle East is being promoted. The United Arab Emirates is reportedly to be the largest trade partner for China in the Middle East.

Tejari currently has 150,000 members in the Middle East. Omar says that with the shifting of their e-commerce business to China, they will try their best to be an online bridge for the world's businesses.


  1. I think its very good step to involve in china huge market also chinese friends to be free and enjoy this useful market , arab countries not involve well till now in this market . i need our people to check how is american and german company involve.
    even its late step but its very good. congratulations
    best regards
    sedki al ashkar


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