STMicroelectronics, one of the largest semiconductor makers in the world, has announced the formal operation of its new Greater China headquarters in Shanghai.

According to the company's long-term plan, ST's new Greater China base will feature an office area of about 20000 square meters which can meet the company's increase of employees from 400 today to a maximum of 1200. Apart from taking the current duties of ST Greater China region, the new base will also focus on product and technology R&D and create innovative solutions to clients in the Greater China region and around the world.

Bob Krysiak, general manager of ST Greater China, says that the company's sales in Greater China has accounted for up to 30% of its global total and it is expected to contribute more to the company's income increase in the future.

At present, ST has two technology centers in Shanghai, one of which focuses on global digital television software and the other on multi-field innovative application and development. By April this year, ST Greater China developing team has developed more than 60 kinds of new products for domestic and international clients and among all the employees of the company, half are developers and engineers.


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