After days of silence, General Electric, which has been accused by Policy Matters Ohio of violating China's labor laws, has issued a statement denying all the claims raised by PMO.

GE said in the statement that after one week's thorough investigation by a team of 11 experts, they found that there were not such things as workers working extra hours without getting paid for the overtime; or sexual discrimination in employment; or workers' unknowingly exposed to harmful substances in its Xiamen joint venture in China, as reported by PMO.

GE cited a number of evidence to prove its findings. For example, it said that the local labor department had never received any complaints against the joint venture Topstar regarding labor violations, The company says the workers there are all happy to work with the company and are satisfied with the welfare provided by the company.

GE said that PMO's report is incomplete and inaccurate and it has done great harm to both GE and Topstars' reputation.


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