Chinese online game developer Giant Interactive (GA) has opened a new research and development facility in Chengdu to specialize in 3D graphics engines and technologies.

Giant has also set up special communication protocols between its new Chengdu R&D facility and its Shanghai R&D center to increase synergies and cooperation across its overall R&D platform.

Yuzhu Shi, Giant's chairman and CEO, commented, "Research and development has always been the central focus of our company given our unique game development model, which allows for continuous R&D enhancement of our games based on feedback from players. It is through our continued R&D effort that we can continue to deploy successful games and minimize our hit-or-miss risks. We currently have over 500 R&D specialists at our Shanghai R&D center, and plan to increase this number to over 800 by the end of 2008. We look forward to further leveraging our R&D strengths to continue creating the most compelling and socially interactive products for our users."

The company recently partnered with Huawei Technologies to research additional advancements in server platforms.


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