HP has launched a large range of commerically-used printing solutions to help medium and small enterprises in China to improve their marketing efficiency, increase their production and more efficiently manage their printing environment.

HP has launched more than 25 kinds of brand-new network printing tool based solutions, and these optimized printers are suitable for making any kinds of marketing materials, business sponsorship documents and daily documents in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Herbert Koeck, vice president of the commercial printing at HP's Imaging and Printing Group Asia Pacific, said in a press release, "As a leader in the market, HP is not only committed to bringing more value to our clients, but also devoted to promoting innovation in our core printing business sector. This has helped our medium and small enterprise clients improve their marketing efficiency, enhance their productivity and better manage their businesses and offers them a great advantage to compete with those large size enterprises. The launch of these solutions today is based on our printing 2.0 strategy and it offers an opportunity for our medium and small enterprise clients to flexibly and freely choose a printing option suitable for their needs and have their printing demands met any time they want."

IDC's data shows that HP is a top manufacturer for medium and small enterprises who use ink and laser printers in the Asia Pacific region — excluding Japan — with a market share of more than 45%. In the fourth quarter of 2007, HP's business increased by 16% over the same period of the previous year and had taken the top position in the market for 20 consecutive quarters. Medium and small enterprises' printing demand has offered a great opportunity for HP's Imaging and Printing Group. By 2010, the group's global market will reach US$103 billion.


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