Intel (INTC) has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with Tencent for server and technology cooperation.

According to the MOU, the parties will conduct in-depth cooperation on data center optimization, particularly on energy efficiency optimization. In addition, they will cooperate on services for future computing environments, including establishing joint labs and conducting research on core technology like server virtualization, to meet the growing need of Tencent, which has millions of active online users and has higher demand for the performance and power consumption with the increase of its user population.

As one the world's largest chip manufacturers, Intel has been an advocate of the new generation green data centers and has rich experience in creating highly efficient data processing platforms. Under the MOU, Intel will provide high performance, low power consumption and manageable server platforms so that Tencent can retain a leading position in the industry by testing and making use of technology and products beneficial to its business development.

The parties' MOU also includes strategic cooperation in mobile Internet terminals to provide more attractive services to mobile Internet users.


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