A new spam message reporting center has been formally set up in Beijing.

Under the commission of the Ministry of Information Industry, the new center, which is called 12321 Online Bad Information and Spam Message Report Acceptance Center, has been built based on the original Internet email reporting center of the Internet Society of China. While maintaining the original means of acceptance of complaint reports via telephone call, the website and email, it has added two more methods of SMS and mobile Internet reporting. This means people can report bad online information and spam message sending through five different channels: by calling 010-12321; by logging onto www.12321.cn; by emailing [email protected]; by short message, or by WAP website at wap.12321.cn.

Xi Guohua, vice minister of MII, says that the launch of the center shows the government's strong determination and confidence in eliminating unhealthy online content and spam messages. Xi also expresses his wish for wide participation in the initiative from people of all walks of life.


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