Chinese financial publisher Finet Group says it sees big hopes in the Chinese online gaming sector and has now launched its own foray into that sector.

"The establishment of China Game as our online game group demonstrates Finet's ambition and commitment to invest in this industry," stated Dr. George Yu, chairman of Finet. "Our emphasis on enhancing the group's R&D capabilities also indicates Finet's unwavering determination to build a competitive edge in the market."

Finet's China Game also has unveiled the timetables of its three self-developed three-dimensional massively multiplayer online role-playing games: "Warage", "Tang Dynasty II", and "Swordsman-Plus". The closed beta testing of "Warage" is scheduled to begin on May 13.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China Game aims to be a world-class group brand in China's online game market. The company is planning to launch three to five new titles in 2009, and it targets to reach an aggregate of over one million concurrent users for all its games. While China Game is open to source for more domestic and overseas quality games, it also plans to set up additional R&D centers in Chengdu and other areas in China.

Founded in 1998, Finet Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen specializing in the Internet and financial business.


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