Nokia (NOK) announced the launch of its Nokia 6122c, exclusively available for China Mobile (CHL).

"The Nokia 6122c is another S60 device exclusively available for CMCC, demonstrating the continued collaboration between Nokia and CMCC" says Michael Hsu, vice president, China Mobile Account, Nokia Operator Channel. "As a world leading mobile phone manufacturer, we highly value collaboration with CMCC. Together we will strive to forge long-term development of the domestic mobile telecom industry."

As an S60 multimedia device, the Nokia 6122c provides users rich entertainment features and powerful applications scalable ability. With China Mobile keys specifically dedicated to the Internet, customers have faster and easier access to all of China Mobile's Internet services and contents.

Based on S60 and Symbian OS, the Nokia 6122c enables the user to download additional applications and content on the phone and enjoy various digital experiences including entertainment services. It also allows the user to run several applications on the device at the same time – making it easy to browse the Web while listening to your favorite music.


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