Chinese software company Kingsoft has begun a shift to a full Internet business with the release of Google Kingsoft Powerword, a web-based dictionary co-developed with search engine company Google (GOOG).

The new Google Kingsoft Powerword features some improvement on Kingsoft's original Powerword. Google has added a webpage translation for the software and added Google network paraphrase dictionary and Google picture dictionary in addition to integrating the online community Aiciba's encyclopedia to it. The software is 20 megabytes in size, providing 14 million word listings, 800,000 example sentences and 300,000 voice recordings.

Google and Kingsoft are now mainly cooperating on technology and products, but neither of them has disclosed the funds involved in their cooperation.

Kingsoft previously launched the Baidu Safety Center with Google's Chinese rival and also spent CNY10 million setting up a games joint venture business with Alchemy in China.


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