The University of International Business and Economics in Beijing is providing fast remote access to its campus extranet via a newly installd platform.

Juniper Networks' Secure Access 4000 SSL VPN platform enables more than 10,000 students, teachers and staff to establish secure SSL VPN connections to access the various information resources in its campus via standard Web browsers, eliminating the need for prior software installation and costly ongoing client maintenance and desktop support.

Interoperability with UIBE's existing Sun iPlanet LDAP directory server was a crucial requirement for the university's remote access solution. The Juniper Networks SA 4000 seamlessly connected to UIBE's LDAP resources and has become an integral component of its campus-wide identity authentication measures.

The SA 4000 SSL VPN appliance features rich access-privilege management functionality that can be used to create secure customer/partner extranets with no infrastructure changes, no DMZ deployments and no software agents. This functionality also allows organizations to secure access to their intranets, so that different user populations can utilize exactly the resources they need, while adhering to security policies.


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