Zhang Zhengkui, special consultant to Terry Kuo, president of Taiwan based Foxconn, has donated CNY60 million to Sichuan earthquake victims on behalf of Terry Kuo, Foxconn Group and the company's employees. This is the largest sum of donation that Sichuan has received from a Taiwanese company.

Of the total donation, CNY30 million was made by Foxconn's employees, of which over half was donated by Taiwanese employees, and the rest by the group.

On behalf of Terry Kuo and the employees of Foxconn, Zhang also expressed deep concern for those who lost their lives in the earthquake and respect to those who are working on rescue efforts.

A number of Taiwanese companies, including Uni President, Want Want Group and Master Kong, have all expressed their willingness to donate for the disaster relief.

In early 2007, Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper published a report on how Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen was exploiting Chinese workers who were manufacturing Apple iPods. As a result of this report and the subsequent reports covered by Chinese media, Foxconn had a public relations crisis. Though the company later clarified that the British report was untrue, it has not totally removed the public's continuing distrust.


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