Lenovo Mobile, which was separated from Lenovo Group in late April 2008, has now worked out a brand new organizational structure and marketing structure under the leadership of its newly appointed president Lv Yan.

On the operational level, the company has added a Shanghai platform and Xiamen platform and decreased its marketing structure in the Chinese domestic market from originally 28 areas to now only 20 areas. At present, Lenovo's marketing structure consists of four regions of East China, South China, West China and North China, which are further divided into 20 sub-regions.

The change in organizational structure also brings a change in personnel. As a result of the integration of the marketing structure, principals and staff of some of the original business areas have to leave.

Chen Gang, general manager of Lenovo Mobile's South China Region, is quoted in local media as saying the company's original marketing structure was complicated and the new structure can help the company improve operational efficiency.


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