Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech Limited announced at the Fujitsu International Forum 2008 that they would sell their super high frequency waterproof RFID tags in overseas markets, including China, starting May.

Fujitsu's RFID tag is not only light and thin, but also durable. It can be washed without being damaged by water or high temperature, and can be used in various types of clothing without affecting the wearer's comfort. In addition, the tag can be spontaneously read without a direct touch, hence it can help increase the work efficiency of clothing management.

Fujitsu plans to sell two types of such tags in the global market: the A501 tag which is embedded with the company's designated EPC code pattern and the A601 tag that can help clients realize a better classified management of their products.

As a world leading developer of super high frequency RFID tags, Fujitsu announced that it will use its successful experience in the Japanese market and work closely with its overseas partners to expand the markets specifically in the hotel and entertainment sectors and try to achieve a total sale of more than 20 million tags in three years.


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