Chinese B2B platform has announced plans to increase its industry websites in Beijing from the current 100 to 360 so as to cover all the industries of the city and in the meantime to initiate a national expansion.

According to Wang Haibo, president and CEO of, will set up core operation centers in 312 second-tier and above cities in China in the coming three years and build national industry websites in cooperation with companies of different industries, develop 300,000 supplier members, attract 5000 retailer members and realize a total purchase scale of more than CNY500 billion among its members.

To show its support to the website alliance's expansion, EFUT, the main shareholder of, says it will increase the shares it holds in the company.

Established in 1999, was initially engaged in enterprise network yellow page services. Based on the high quality enterprise clients, it began to carry out e-commerce services in 2006. Also that year, it set up China Industry Website Alliance in cooperation with ten organizations, including China Electronic Commerce Association, Internet Society of China and China Internet News Center, assisting industry representatives to set up their own 114 information websites.


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