Global entertainment software developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment, Chinese online game operator The9 (NCTY) and China Merchants Bank have announced plans to cooperate on marketing a World Of Warcraft themed credit card to attract more players and consumers by taking advantage of each of their brand influences.

The World of Warcraft credit card is available in four different designs, which features alliance, tribes, classic characters and pictures, respectively. In addition to being used for collection, it can also be used to distinguish consumers in the real world to let everyone know just how much time they spend each day playing games.

In addition, through the co-branded credit card, players can enjoy discounts and convenience in the recharging, game point card purchasing and exchanging for game merchandise based on reward points, as well as automatic recharge functions when the game account money is used up. The card also supports a one-button pay function and provides a more convenient way for players to purchase the pre-paid cards.


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