Wang Lijian, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Information Industry of China, has told local media that China's new MII will possibly be licensed at the end of this month. However, Wang says that the plans on the functions, organization and personnel arrangements of the new MII have not yet been fully approved.

MII held a meeting on June 16, deploying plans for the next step in the unveiling of the new ministry. At the meeting, MII Minister Li Yizhong talked for the first time about the three unsettled issues of functions, organization and personnel of MII. Li said once the three are fixed, they would begin to set work emphases for the second half of the year.

Previously some Chinese media reported that the new MII would have three times more personnel than the original MII and it would be comprised of 25 divisions and a total of more than 1000 staff. The reports said that regarding telecom supervision, the new MII would have three departments of telecom management bureau, telecom technology bureau and network information safety bureau.

China's new MII will face a series of challenges after being licensed, and the challenges will include whether to issue the 3G license at the end of the year and how to create a consumption environment satisfactory to users and healthy for industry development.


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