Wireless City: Beijing Plans Trial Operation During Olympics

The first phase of the network of Beijing's wireless city program has been put into trial operation, enabling Beijing citizens and travelers from both home and abroad to access to internet in Beijing's urban areas via a wireless network.

Beijing's wireless city program was undertaken by China Comm, one of the largest city wireless broadband network constructors and operators in China. So far, the Wi-Fi signals have covered a total of 100 square kilometers of the city and spread to its Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road, CBD area, Financial Street, Zhongguancun, Wangjing Zone, Xuawu Chunshu and Yizhuang.

As an important supplement to the 3G network, Beijing's wireless city program brings a new experience to the people of the city as well as travelers to Beijing. From now on, they can use their electronic appliances like laptop computers and PDAs that support Wi-Fi to access the Internet when they are outdoors.

As one of the largest city wireless broadband network constructors and operators in China, China Comm will construct a Wi-Fi network that covers a total area of 625 square kilometers for Beijing. The first phase of the construction mainly aims to serve 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and city management. The second phase, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009, aims to provide high speed Internet access within the city's Fifth Ring Road, and the third phase of construction aims to have the city's rural areas covered by Wi-Fi by the end of 2010.

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