Canon China has published a document via Zhejiang Provincial Consumers' Right Protection Commission, offering solutions to consumers in Zhejiang Province who have purchased the 19 types of problematic Canon cameras, but the company's behavior has caused consternation among consumers from other Chinese provinces who criticize Canon for discriminating against them by not providing them a solution to the same problem.

On February 29, 2008, Chinese media reported about Canon's problematic cameras. In response to the problems, Canon issued a written document on June 12, entitled "Canon China's Solution on the 19 CCD Problematic Cameras", which said that from July 1 consumers in Zhejiang Province can get free cleaning and checking service for their cameras along with a free change of components, elimination of hidden troubles and appropriate compensation. Canon also made an apology for the inconvenience caused to the consumers by the CCD failure.

Following Canon's release of the document, consumers from other Chinese provinces, including Hunan and Guangxi, complained that Canon is discriminating against consumers from other part of the country by only offering a solution to the problems of Zhejiang consumers.

Canon has not publicly responded to these complaints.


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