More than 50 Chinese websites, including and, have held an activity in Beijing, calling on Chinese Internet service providers to jointly welcome the Beijing Olympic Games by setting up a new online ethos.

The websites propose that Internet service providers work to provide first class service, run services in a civilized manner, strengthen self-discipline, accept the public's supervision and resist "bad habits".

Hu Qiheng, chairman of Internet Society of China, says that it is very necessary for the Internet companies to carry out the activity before the Olympic Games. Hu says that Internet professionals should enhance their awareness of corporate social responsibility and self-management, run their services well, cleanse the Internet environment and set up a new online ethos by purifying each of their web pages.

The ISC's Internet News Service Work Commission has decided to set up an online ethics propaganda and educatioaln system echoed by hundreds of websites across the country and expose immoral behavior like spreading of pornography, online fraud, computer virus sending and spam mail sending.


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